Head of Management/CFO Candidate


Head of Management/CFO Candidate

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At Alpha Fusion Inc., aligned with our new business plans, we are set to accelerate growth by preparing for corporate-led clinical trials, further enhancing our research and development functions, strengthening our value chain development capabilities including GMP manufacturing sites, securing funding post-Series B, engaging in business development activities with major pharmaceutical companies, establishing bases including overseas offices, and managing a growing team. In conjunction with the CEO, the candidate will oversee organization management, business processes, and systematization from a management perspective, and lead the strategy formulation and execution to drive results.


  • General management planning and administration.
  • Formulation of management strategies and business plans.
  • Management of organization and human resources (primarily recruitment, training, and cultural integration).
  • Financial management (primarily fundraising and accounting).
  • Project management.
  • General affairs/IT/legal.
  • Intellectual property management.


  • Management skills in various areas including:
    ▶️strategic management
    ▶️ organizational/personnel management (Particularly important is experience in organizational management and development within rapidly expanding organizations)
    ▶️ finance
    ▶️ intellectual property
    ▶️ general affairs
  •  Soft skills capable of building and managing relationships with multiple stakeholders (ranging from corporations to academia and government/public institutions).
  •  Communication skills in English.
  •  Experience in securing large-scale funding post-Series B and in IPOs, with particular emphasis on international IPO experience.
  •  Experience in formulating intellectual property strategies and managing university-originated intellectual property.
  •  Pharmaceutical marketing and sales skills.
  •  Understanding of regulatory and legal aspects in pharmaceutics.
  •  Interest and intellectual curiosity in drug discovery and biotechnology.
  •  Startup mindset, unafraid to tackle new areas with no precedent, and able to respond flexibly and enjoyably.

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